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Thank you for your purchase. We hope you are happy with your purchase. However, if you are not completely satisfied with your purchase for any reason, you may return it ti us for a full refund only, Please see below for more information on our return policy

Refund Policy

a) Effect of ceasing subscription: As DoWize.co is a subscription service, certain rights granted under an Item license are only applicable for as long as your DoWize.co subscription is active.

b) Services: As a Subscriber you also receive services from us like account support, fraud protection, library quality control and other related services.

c) Support: We do our best to make sure that our platform is high quality. However, due to the Lifetime Subscription on DoWIze.co, the sevice is include the level of after-sale support on DoWize.co

Transacting as a Subscriber

a) You can pay for your subscription via Credit Card. You may be required to pay a handling fee depending on the method of payment you choose.

b) By signing on as a Subscriber you must agree to the individual payment terms that relate to your chosen method of payment, as notified to you.

c) In the event that you select an ongoing, regular payment method (for example a monthly credit card or PayPal payment) and that payment fails to occur, we may immediately suspend your subscription until payment has been made. If we suspend your subscription, your rights under these terms and the DoWize License will also be suspended.

d) Currency conversion costs: You are responsible for all costs of currency conversion relating to your DoWize.co subscription. Your financial institution does the currency conversion and may charge you additional fees (we don’t control either the conversion rates or your financial institution’s fees).

**This means that you may incur additional costs when subscribing to DoWize.co, which we have no control over.

How to Refunds and cancelations?

a) All refunds must be submitted request within fourteen(14) days of the purchase date in the first month only. Please email to our customer service at [email protected] to refund your subscription of DoWize.co

b) For second month or next month later, If you are not satisfied with DoWize.co you may cancel your DoWize.co subscription at anytime! but you won’t be issued a refund.

c) We will assess refund or credit requests on their merits. There is generally no obligation to provide a refund or credit in situations like the following:
– you have changed your mind about your subscription;
– you subscribed by mistake;
– you ask for goodwill; or
– you can no longer access any of your desired function because they have been removed from DoWize.co (we advise you to Cancel your subscription for next month instead).


If you have any questions concerning our return policy, please contact us at : [email protected]

Refund Request Form

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